I am officially releasing 8762A's 2016-2017 code.

The source can be found here: https://lab.pxtst.com/PixelToast/8762A-2016/tree/master/src

Quick overview of features:

1.~1700 lines of code (1500 SLOC)
2.All C++
3.Doesn't depend on newlib
4.Clean syntax
5.Easy motor configuration / grouping
6.Modular motor control types (deadband, slew, truespeed)
8.Smooth arm control
9.Arm hold for user control
10.Modular variable persistence
12.Modular variable debugging
13.Advanced LCD menu system
14.Debugging variables via LCD
15.Fully featured rerun
16.LCD Warnings
17.Fault debugging when not tethered (requires my custom libpros.a)